Ignite Your Horse's Health & Jump Start Your Results!
  •  Confidently decide and trust that you know exactly what your horse needs to feel their best
  •  Refer to a step by step framework on how to get your horse on the path to long term health anytime you wanted to 
  •  Reduce your horse's care costs and non-routine vet exams
Doors are currently closed on our 30 Day Equine Health Transformation Experience... But will reopen soon!
Module 1: The Foundation of Equine Health Decoded
  • Gain a deep understanding and empowering clarity on health and disease…so you can make the shift from surface level results to the long term results you desire!
  •  Discover how to let go of the myth that it is normal for your horse to experience consistent health concerns… so your horse can live the vibrant life they were meant to live naturally. 
Module 2: The Ultimate Guide To Equine Nutrition
  • Discover the hidden toxins, synthetics, fillers, and additives in your horse’s supplements and grain, so you can ensure you not feeding the chance of raised health concerns one scoop at a time.
  •  Learn how to take back control of your horse’s nutrition, so you can have peace of mind and confidence your horse’s diet is aligned with what they are designed to eat.
"I don’t know where I would be without the knowledge she has shared with me!"
I am so glad I found Angie!  I have learned so much from her and I’m sure my mare is thankful! She helped me clean up her nutrition and opened my eyes to a way of caring for my horse that is natural, beneficial and doesn’t cost a fortune! She is a true horse lover and educator. I don’t know where I would be without the knowledge she has shared with me! 
~Tonya O. - Florida
Module 3: Equine Digestive Health Pathway
  •  Learn how the 3 Amigos of Digestive Health actually work inside the digestive system, so you can determine when & where your horse needs extra support.
  •  Gain a deep understanding of how your horse’s digestive works, so you can take action simply and easily to reduce health risks with your day to day care routines. 
Module 4: Parasite Control Sins Every Horse Owner Should Avoid
  • Discover how you can stop using dangerous chemicals that are designed for short term results and implement natures long term, safe, and effective plan for parasite control.
  •  Learn how to ditch the fear and confusion of parasite treatment and replace it with common sense, time proven principles. 
"I signed up to watch her master class and the information that Angie shared with us has transformed how I take care of my horses."
I have loved what Angie has helped me learn and the new direction that I am heading in with my horses. I really look differently at what products I am using around my horses and my property. I was feeling very lost before I found Angie. My 15 year old Mustang mare, Sage, came down with Laminitis back in February, 2017. She was not a horse prone to Laminitis. I have had her all her life. We did blood work and it came back in normal ranges. Finally got her healed through stall rest, then she came down with in again in November, 2017 slightly, I caught it early. Did blood work again and again it came back in normal ranges. She again healed up. I was on Facebook in February, 2018 and I came across Angie. I signed up to watch her master class and the information that Angie shared with us has transformed how I take care of my horses.
~Barbara D. - Nevada
Module 5: The Insiders Guide To The Natural View Of Vaccination
  • See vaccines from the view point of the immune system and decide for yourself what is best for your horse with confidence.
  •  Learn and understand what your options are so you are prepared and ready.
Bonus: 30 Day Equine Health Transformation Private Facebook Group
  •  Have you ever started something new with your horse and suddenly felt completely on your own & scrutinized by those around you... I assure you that you're not alone!
  •  This group is a safe zone and community of like minded horse owners with the same goals and desires as you.
..."The results have been absolutely noticeable in my horses behavior, attitude, & performance."
Angie has coached and consulted me in a lot of body and nutritional support for my horses. From using cleaner, more natural feeds and supplements, to therapeutic products, and the use of essential oils.  The results have been absolutely noticeable in my horses behavior, attitude, & performance. I will continue to consult with Angie for the optimal health of my horses. 
~Sophia W.-Colorado
BONUS Online Course! 
Discover Insider Secrets & Maximize
Your Horse's Results With Essential Oils!
  •  Confidently decide and trust that you know exactly how to select the right essential oils for your horse's individual needs
  •  Use a simple framework to explore essential oils and discover the secrets that the horse owners who aren't getting results are missing  
  •  Drastically and effectively improve your horse's health with this vital force of Nature 
  •  Certificate of Completion available with passing final assessment
Module 1: Discover A Vital Force Of Nature
  •  Gain a deep understanding and empowering clarity on what an essential oil is and what it's not…so you can fully understand how they work and the best way to use them to get your horse feeling their best!
  •  Discover how to let go of the myths and nonsense that is widespread when it comes to using essential oils with horses… so you ensure you are using essential oils the way that is most beneficial to your horse. 
Module 2: Revealing The Vitality Boosting Potential of Essential Oils
  •  Discover what essential oils can unleash for your horse's health and longevity, so you can gain confidence is why you would use them for your horse.
  •  Learn how to avoid pitfalls and dangers that you might have heard rumors about, so you can have peace of mind as you apply essential oils with your horse.
Module 3: Release & Clear Emotional Roadblock and Cycles
  •  Discover the hidden emotion patterns and cycles preventing you from getting results in your horse's health, so you can create a clearing and break your horse free to the life they are meant to live.
  •  Gain an understanding of the simple science of how essential oils unlock this clearing, so you can take action simply and easily with your horse right away. 
Module 4: Insider Secrets To Maximizing Your Horse's Results
  •  You might hear or see others who struggle to get consistent results... I reveal the tips and tricks that have will have you getting results time and time again.
  •  Stop wasting your time and money using essential oils the wrong way, take the ideas and strategies shared and start saving time, money, and utilize your essential oils more effectively now. 
"I have been able to support my horses through stomach issues, sore muscles, thrush, and nervous conditions."
I have been able to support my horses through stomach issues, sore muscles, thrush, and nervous conditions. Since all three were rescue and abused horses, I am very happy to say they have all responded in a very positive way to the natural approaches I have learned.
~Gail Richards, San Jose, CA
Module 5: Sample Sessions
  •  See what you learn put into action with horses... allowing you to experience what you will likely encounter on your sessions with your horse.
  •  Take the guessing and confusions of how to apply essential oils, watch as the horse's show you what results look like in effective sessions and application.
Module 6: Safe, Simplistic, & Effective Dietary Uses
  •  No more wondering how to feed essential oils... implement them into your horse's nutrition effortlessly.
  •  See on screen examples and health concern specific suggestions, so you can individualize your horse's care efficiently.
Module 7: Unearthing What Is Happening Below The Surface
  •  Stop dealing with health problems after they come to the surface... discover innovative technology you can use to see things long before concern arises.
  •  No more invasive and confusing procedures that often only reveal problems once it's too late... use the resource and options shared to hear the subtle whispers of your horse body and support it faster than you ever could before.
BONUS: Complete Guide To Essential Oils For Horses eBook Download
  •  Explore 50+ pages of tips, ideas, and more. This eBook is a great way to tie every thing shared in the course, in a great PDF guide that you can print and refer back to again and again.
  •  Discover what area of weakness your horse might have and specific suggestions to support your horse through it. 
"It is nice to see him acting fun and playful again."
He is back to himself and feeling great!! It is nice to see him acting fun and playful again. He is 20 and it is so heartwarming to see results in what I am doing to help him.
~JoAnna Hartsoch, Tioga, ND
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